In today's Featured Friday, we're excited to welcome longtime EPIC member, Kev Richardson! Sit back and and enjoy...

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given?

After my first book won a Finalist Award in what was Eppies now EPIC in 2003, my literary agent said, “Ric, (my nickname) I want two sequels in two years! I answered, “Impossible, girl, I’m president of the Gold Coast Writers Club, secretary of...”

She put up a hand and gave me the best advice of my life...“Ric, put all that on a shelf, take a two year leave of absence, go somewhere strange and quiet and just WRITE!” 

I chose Thailand because it was cheap and close to home, but I fell in love with its laid-back lifestyle and stayed. The two years have become twenty and the two books, twenty-five!!!! (including 2 more Finalist Awards).

What’s the most beautiful place on earth you've ever seen?

One of the tiniest islands in the world! Beachcomber Island just off the west coast of Fiji - no electricity, not a brick or a stone, just sand, palm leaves, coconuts, the most brilliant mass of hibiscus, bougainvillea and other startling colours behind which are hidden all handmade bures of hand-woven reed walls and thatched roofs... all just merged into each other and dropped into the most sparkling blue ocean imaginable, under a sky as blue. Approaching that isolated little button of an island was the most startling picture ever retained in my memory.

If social media didn't exist, how would your life be different?

Pretty much the same. I don’t belong to Facebook, Twitter or any of those most unsociable means of communication a person with any dignity can imagine. If you cannot look a person in the eye, take extreme caution about what you say of them. These organisations make it too easy to be dishonest or going off half-baked.

What is your most valued possession and why?

My memory! I have luckily travelled for much of my life so have had lots of adventures and misadventures and met many wonderful people – all have become bases in my various action/adventure tales. Also, I am a student of Australia’s Convict History and lectured on it in many countries and written six novels on it – all from memory!

Name an author you wish everyone would read.

Kevin Richardson, who writes as Kev Richardson!

About Kev: Kev grew up shuffling between Sydney and Brisbane on Australia’s east coast...ten thousand kilometres of magnificent surfing beaches. Schooled at times in both, and again when working and married, he was then transferred on business to Melbourne. The years included a widowhood when with two small children. Nine years later he remarried, that stage of life to end in an amicable divorce after twenty years, when the children were ‘grown and flown’.

In the interim he had discovered he was a direct descendant of Australia’s First Fleet...the first white settlers to put foot on Australian soil, all being petty-crime convicts. After years of intense study including what seemed ‘thousands of hours’ in England’s libraries researching and crawling through countless graveyards, he would come home to begin writing more about the Convict History. 

From the day of his first book winning a Finalist Award, Kev was hooked on writing. For eight years, living alone in his beachside house on Australia’s Gold Coast, he travelled for three months, writing for another three months, travel articles for airline magazines, leaving him six months to write his own books and to enjoy beach-bumming. In his early sixties he went back to school to gain a degree in English Literacy, followed by a Journalist Degree which would open more doors for him than for ‘common’ travellers, which it did (eg: The Sudan into which no western country was issuing visas)...all going towards subjects and characters to use in his writing.

Still alone, he currently resides in the Himalayan foothills of exotic Thailand.

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